• Heel Pain Treatment Options
    Are you dealing with heel pain? If so, you aren’t alone. Foot pain, particularly heel pain, is one of the most common complaints and most people will deal with pain Read more
  • Choose the Best Shoes and Socks for Your Child's Developing Feet
    While it might not be something you think about often (or at all), the health of your child’s feet is important. Your child is growing by leaps and bounds and Read more
  • Taking Care of Aging Feet
    As you age, it becomes even more important to take care of yourself, especially your feet. Foot health tends to decline in seniors for many reasons, including: ∙       Years of walking ∙       Improper footwear ∙       Poor circulation ∙       Diseases related Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Bunions?
    What is a Bunion? Are you dealing with a bunion? A bunion is a protrusion of the bone at the base of the big toe. While a bunion may seem like Read more
  • What is Trench Foot?
    The condition called “trench foot” was first officially diagnosed in 1812 by a doctor who treated French soldiers who spent a lot of time in cold, wet trenches. Though it Read more
  • What Are AFO Devices?
    Find out how AFO devices could offer your foot and ankle some much­ needed support. Are you suffering from a severe fracture or sprain in your foot or ankle? Has a Read more
  • Ways to Cope with Your Foot Cast
    Learn how to properly care for your foot cast to promote faster healing. If you’ve broken a bone in your foot, then chances are pretty good that your podiatrist has told Read more
  • Stretching Myths Busted
    Any workout instructor or coach will tell you that you have to stretch your body before participating in strenuous activity, and that is good advice. However, stretching isn’t a cure-­all Read more
  • Podiatric Wound Care
    A minor cut or scratch on your foot is usually not cause for alarm, but certain kinds of wounds on your feet can become infected and lead to other health Read more
  • What To Do About Sweaty Feet
    Excessive sweating of the feet can be an embarrassing problem that can also lead to infection. Learn how to deal with sweaty feet through these tips. Most people only notice sweating Read more
  • How to Protect Your Ankles in Basketball
    Give your ankles optimal stability and protection when hitting the basketball court. When you’re playing a rousing game of basketball it can be hard to think about anything else. With your Read more
  • The Two Most Common Running Injuries
    Find out how to prevent and treat running injuries. If athletes could have it their way, they would enjoy every mile of their run without experiencing any pain, discomfort or soreness. Read more
  • What Are Venous Ulcers?
    Venous ulcers can be painful and difficult to treat. Knowing how they form is essential to treating them before they advance. Venous ulcers, also called vascular, stasis or varicose ulcers, form Read more
  • Three Easy Ways to Deodorize Shoes
    No one likes smelly shoes; here are some fast and easy ways to eliminate shoe odors. Sometimes our day just wouldn’t be complete without our morning runs; however, sweating and active Read more
  • Keeping Children's Feet Healthy
    Monitoring your child's foot growth and health is an invaluable part of preparing for their future. Parents have a lot to worry about ­ from diet to exercise to interaction with Read more
  • How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Erase Your Gout
    Certain foods should be eliminated from your diet if you want to alleviate this condition. If you have gout then chances are you know it. Gout is a severe and painful Read more

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