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  • What Are Claw Toes?
    Claw toes are can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Here you will learn how to recognize their characteristics and what can be done to correct them. Claw toes, sometimes referred to as Read more
  • How to Mend Calcaneal Wounds
    Patients often come to foot doctors with concerns about sores, wounds and lesions on the feet. One type of foot problem that is very urgent for podiatrists and their patients Read more
  • Experience Softer, Smoother Feet
    Do you have dry, cracked feet? Are you tired of having itchy feet? Due to a variety of conditions, your feet can feel hard and not baby soft.  Due to Read more
  • Use Your Feet...Lower Cholesterol?
    Our feet carry us from point A to point B and help us remain active. But did you also know that using your feet can help you lower your cholesterol, Read more
  • Take Steps to Prevent Bunions
    Many women adore their high-heels, but wearing these high fashion shoes could be hazardous to your health.  Knowing when to choose comfort over fashion, you can potentially reduce the amount Read more
  • 5 Reasons for Your Foot Pain
    Ouch! Your aching feet! When your feet hurt, your day is interrupted and you may not be able to complete your daily tasks. Most of the time your pain might Read more
  • Foot Hygiene
    Most people don’t worry about their feet when it comes to hygiene, but cleaning your feet should be part of your daily routine. Our feet are vital to our everyday Read more
  • Protect Your Feet From Warts
    No one wants a wart on their foot, but it's surprisingly easy to contrat this contagious skin condition. Plantar warts are warts that develop on the foot and are caused Read more
  • Choosing Foot Friendly Shoes
    Your feet are your main source to get you where you’re going. If you don't choose proper shoes, you and your feet can suffer. If you suffer from pain and Read more
  • Yoga and Foot Pain
    Foot pain can range from your toes to your heel. When it comes to heel pain, also known as Plantar Fasciitis, affects 60% of individuals in their lifetime. When the Read more
  • Summer Foot Care Tips for Diabetics
    Summertime brings flip-flops, pool time and more. While these are the signs of enjoyable warm weather, they can also be concerning if you have diabetes. Higher temperatures and opportunities to Read more
  • Watch Out for Sports Injuries
    America has carried on a love affair with sports since its inception. Whether you are a professional athlete, play in youth or adult teams or have pickup games with friends, Read more
  • Raising Awareness for Diabetes with Tips on Proper Care
    It is important to raise awareness for diabetes, but what does that mean for your feet? If you have diabetes, you may understand the importance of proper care and maintenance Read more
  • Preventing Toenail Fungus for Healthy, Attractive Summer Feet
    Toenail fungus affects nearly 20 percent of the population and is one of the most common foot conditions that is treated by your podiatrist. Characterized by thick, disfigured, yellow Read more
  • Relieve Pain, Correct Deformities and Restore Function with Foot Surgery
    Bunions, hammertoes, arthritis -- foot surgery is the final remedy many different kinds of pain in the foot and ankle. These problems of the foot can cause severe pain in Read more
  • Ingrown Toenails
    An ingrown toenail is a common and painful condition of the toes. It occurs when one or both sides of the nail break grow into the skin of the Read more

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