• Keeping Children's Feet Healthy
    Monitoring your child's foot growth and health is an invaluable part of preparing for their future. Parents have a lot to worry about ­ from diet to exercise to interaction with Read more
  • How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Erase Your Gout
    Certain foods should be eliminated from your diet if you want to alleviate this condition. If you have gout then chances are you know it. Gout is a severe and painful Read more
  • How to Pick Running Shoes
    Consider the health of your feet the next time you purchase your running shoes. If you are an avid runner, nothing sounds better than lacing up your shoes and spending the Read more
  • The Hidden Dangers of High Heels
    For some women, there’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a brand new pair of elegant high heels. High heels come in a number of attractive styles, including pumps, stilettos, Read more
  • Avoiding Plantar Warts
    Find out what you can do to prevent plantar warts from happening to you. There seem to be a multitude of old wives’ tales that tout interesting and sometimes funny ways Read more
  • Metatarsal Stress Fractures
    The metatarsal area is one of the most common sites for stress fractures. This article discusses the causes and treatments for these fractures. Stress fractures anywhere on the body are caused Read more
  • About Diabetic Foot Infections
    Discover the telltale signs of a foot infection and what you can do to prevent diabetic­related foot problems. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you likely know all too well there Read more
  • How Marathons Affect Your Feet
    Find out how marathons impact feet and what you can do to maintain good foot health. Marathons are a great way to stay active and fit while also enjoying the rush Read more
  • Choosing the Ideal Ski Boot
    Consider the health of your feet the when you purchase your next pair of ski boots. It’s time to grab those skis and hit the trails! Perhaps you’ve finally decided to Read more
  • What is Hallux Valgus?
    Hallux valgus may sound like a complicated, rare disease or a spell from the Harry Potter universe, but it's actually another name for bunions, a common foot disorder. If your podiatrist Read more
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Your Feet
    Find out how to manage chronic arthritic symptoms to keep you on your toes! Rheumatoid arthritis affects about 1 percent of the population, mostly affecting women between the ages of 40 Read more
  • Those Fashion-Forward Shoes Might Be a Fungus Trap
    Some people are unfortunately more concerned with the way that their shoes look than what’s happening to their feet due to wearing those shoes on a daily basis. Some “fashion­forward” Read more
  • What Are Claw Toes?
    Claw toes are can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Here you will learn how to recognize their characteristics and what can be done to correct them. Claw toes, sometimes referred to as Read more
  • How to Mend Calcaneal Wounds
    Patients often come to foot doctors with concerns about sores, wounds and lesions on the feet. One type of foot problem that is very urgent for podiatrists and their patients Read more
  • Experience Softer, Smoother Feet
    Do you have dry, cracked feet? Are you tired of having itchy feet? Due to a variety of conditions, your feet can feel hard and not baby soft.  Due to Read more
  • Use Your Feet...Lower Cholesterol?
    Our feet carry us from point A to point B and help us remain active. But did you also know that using your feet can help you lower your cholesterol, Read more

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